Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Scenery: Mossy Rocks and Tall Trees

Just finished listing some new hair pins, a new ring, and a cute little pair of earrings today. It couldn't be a more beautiful day, although the wind was kicking up pretty good at times. At one point, it became rather difficult to take item pictures because the trees were swaying so wildly I had to wait until the perfect time that the sunlight shone through to snap the picture. It took a few tries (about 84 pictures for 4 items) but I finally got some pictures that were to my liking.
Some people may wonder where exactly I take my outdoor item pictures (or maybe you have better things to do than wonder what that is in the background, but I'm going to tell you anyway!).

It is actually a lovely little mossy rock that is right in the front yard. It sits below the little gnome garden that my mother has created, and I think it adds a little extra charm to the gnome's tiny village. When I decided that I needed to take better pictures for my Etsy shop, I knew that in order to have pictures that were bright enough to see the jewelry that I was gonna have to go outside. So I stepped outside and looked for a suitable place. Since Spring has only begun, there's still a lot of dead leaves and such around, and not nearly enough greenery for a "pretty" picture. That's when I saw this mossy little rock. The sun was hitting it just right that day, so its fluffy bright green-ness jumped out at me among all of the other boring rocks. I am very interested in botanical illustrations, and I oftentimes find myself studying these tiny little wonders of nature up close. Moss is very dense and kind of soft, so it is the perfect place to take pictures of my jewelry. It's like a miniature little forest if you look at it closely enough. There's lots of these mossy rocks around here since I live in the middle of the forest, and today was so beautiful that I set out on foot to if I could find some more of these neat moss beds. Here are the ones I found today:
This one's just starting out.

This one has become a little brown, but I like the interesting terrain of the rock itself.
This one is my favorite. It looks like it needs a haircut!

This moss bed has overtaken the entire side of a hill!

If you aren't yet amazed by moss, you should really check out this blog post about a unique art exhibit that features moss!

Tulip Tree

It was such a nice day to spend outside. The thing I love the most about living in the woods is being able to walk out of the front door and see nothing but nature. I've been looking for signs of Spring all around, and I finally spotted some blooms on our tulip tree. It is actually three trees, but they share about one foot of trunk at the very bottom. I can only imagine what kind of tragedy struck the tree when it was young that would cause it to split that way, but it gives the tree more character that way. I guess that nature does some designing of her own.
So, if it's a beautiful day wherever you are, I encourage you to get out and enjoy it before it's gone!
Angel kitty would agree:

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